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BGP Information

Fine-Grained Control

Informative Communities

Applied to a prefix on ingress from a BGP session (customer, peering, or transit). May be used for routing policy within AS58511. Any given unicast route will be tagged with two communities: class (e.g. transit, peering, etc.) and region of origin (e.g. AU-VIC).

58511:0 Originated by AS58511 internally

58511:1 Learned via customer

58511:10 Export to all

58511:100 Learned via transit

58511:200 Learned via peering

58511:300 Learned via PNI

58511:9001 Learned in region: AU-VIC

58511:9002 Learned in region: AU-NSW

58511:9003 Learned in region: AU-QLD

58511:9004 Learned in region: AU-WA

58511:9005 Learned in region: US-WEST

58511:9006 Learned in region: NZ

58511:9007 Learned in region: EU

58511:9008 Learned in region: ASIA

Action Communities

Can be set by customers on announcements to AS58511 to influence routing within AS58511, and announcements of customer prefixes to upstreams.

DDoS Filtering

58511:666 Blackhole Drop all traffic destined toward this prefix (works up to/32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6 host prefix)

Localpref Control (RFC1998)

58511:380 Set local preference to 380 in import from customer

58511:390 Set local preference to 390 in import from customer

58511:400 (Default) Set local preference to 400 in import from customer

58511:410 Set local preference to 410 in import from customer

58511:420 Set local preference to 420 in import from customer

Announcement Control

Default is to announce to all peers (using community 58511:10 as per below); these communities may be used by customers to stop announcements to certain peers.

58511:10 Export to All (Default)

65001:0 Do not announce to transit

65001:xxxx Do not announce to transit in region xxxx

65002:0 Do not announce to peering

65002:xxxx Do not announce to peering in region xxxx

65003:0 Do not announce to PNIs

65003:xxxx Do not announce to PNIs in region xxxx

65004:0 Do not announce to customers

65004:xxxx Do not announce to customers in region xxxx

See Informative Communities section for region codes
(e.g. 9001 = AU-VIC)