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Anycast Networks turns to China Telecom Global to enhance global IP routing efficiency

| Feb 24, 2020

The Australian wholesale network provider forges ahead with the premium China direct route, striving for high performance internet connectivity across continents

China Telecom Global (CTG), one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services, has been selected by Anycast Networks, a leading Australian wholesale network provider offering IP transit and virtual ISP services, to provide highly efficient IP routing solutions that address the rising demands for meetings and communications from global businesses. The partnership will allow Anycast Networks to enjoy premium direct routes to China, along with widely available applications and better end-user experiences.

With China being Australia’s largest trading partner, it is crucial that the two markets share reliable, high performance internet connectivity so businesses using Anycast Networks’ IP services are adequately supported. At the same time, consumers in Australia also have a demand for low latency and quick response time from their ISPs for a more engaging experience with online entertainment, including gaming and watching videos, where China has strong presence. As Anycast Networks constantly looks at where its customers traffic originates and actively seeks out more efficient routing to enhance its IP services, the company believes that CTG, a global player with abundant resources in China, is the right partner to improve global routing efficiency.

“Anycast Networks has always strived to build the best network we can,” said Tom Berryman, CEO, Anycast Networks. “Our partnership with China Telecom Global will certainly result in a more efficient global network for our growing customer base.”

China Telecom has 200 overseas PoPs, and more than 55.4T of capacity in international connectivity bandwidth. By tapping into its own nationwide network, and over 550 IDCs in China, Anycast Networks will strengthen its network build-out and provide world-class, low-latency connectivity to customers.

“Our strong footprint in China allows us to provide premium China access, perfectly suited to fast-growing network service providers, such as Anycast Networks, to enhance their network efficiency while exploring new opportunities,” said Wu Xiaolei, Vice President, China Telecom Global. “We are perfectly positioned to be a partner for internet connectivity, enabling operators worldwide to provide top-notch services for their clients.”


About China Telecom Global

China Telecom Global Limited (“CTG”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited (“China Telecom”), ranked 141st in the Fortune Global 500 in 2019. Established in 2012, headquartered in Hong Kong, CTG connects the Asia Pacific region and the world by leveraging on its abundant resources in mainland China. China Telecom has branches and affiliates in 42 countries and regions, 200 overseas PoPs, and more than 55.4T capacities in international connectivity bandwidth and intercontinental capacity. By tapping into its network resources of 41 submarine cables (China Telecom was involved in the construction of more than 10 of those cables) and leveraging direct connection to more than 10 neighbouring countries and regions via terrestrial cables, CTG has forged its global layout of service network and network capacity. Targeting carriers, multinational corporations and overseas Chinese clients, CTG provides customised and cost-effective integrated communications solutions and diversified telecom services to cater to their global business needs. Its services include internet direct access, internet transit, data services, broadband, unified communications, internet data centre, cloud computing, ICT services, fixed and mobile voice and value-added services, professional services, industry solutions, telecom operation consultancy and service outsourcing.

About Anycast Networks

The Anycast Backbone network (AS58511) spans the globe leveraging market leading subsea and terrestrial transmission fibre networks.

Our backbone enables a full suite of MPLS network services, with the ability to restrict traffic to only the lowest-latency path or provide fast-failover for the highest availability applications.

Our IP network is one of the most connected globally, more adjacencies and shorter AS paths between customers and their destination delivers a new standard in performance and reliability. Our transit solution is enabled with full community support for customer control and visibility.



China Telecom Global
PuiYee Leung/ Lavender Ge
+852 2582 9127/+852 2582 5821





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